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to Portland's Waterfront

The Roux Campus, the permanent home of Northeastern University's Roux Institute, will replace the industrialized B&M Baked Bean site with a high-tech hub for education and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital engineering, life sciences, and medicine and create new public green space, waterfront access, and pedestrian and bicycle connections for all to enjoy.


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David and Barbara Roux founded the Initiative for Digital Engineering and Life Sciences (IDEALS) in 2018 to create a graduate education institute and bring it to Portland, where over time it could become a force for innovation and job creation. In 2020, they announced a $100 million donation to Northeastern University to establish the Roux Institute in Portland, Maine.

After a four-year search for a permanent home for the Roux Institute at Northeastern University, IDEALS signed an agreement to purchase the B&M site in August 2021, and will lead the zoning, permitting, and development effort for the Roux Campus. The familiar B&M Baked Bean building will remain at the heart of the site, repurposed as an incubator for laboratory and light manufacturing start-up companies.


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The Roux Campus will be a force multiplier for all kinds of jobs and a growing hub of economic activity in Portland.


Over 1,000 feet of waterfront will be restored along the southern boundary of the Roux Campus. Trails, picnic spots, and a kayak and paddleboard area will enable the public to share this prized asset.


The Roux Institute at Northeastern University in Portland, Maine offers graduate students and industry partner employees the education, experience, and training needed for high-tech, high-growth fields.

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