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The Roux Campus will foster a new high-tech economy that will offer unprecedented opportunities for all Mainers, in ways that honor and enrich Maine's lifestyle and culture.

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“It’s… a place for entrepreneurs to come together and learn how to start and grow a business…it’s also a place for community convenings and activities.”

— Chris Mallett, Chief Administrative Officer, The Roux Institute at Northeastern University

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for Portland's Waterfront

“The Roux Campus will be on a coastal property which will be restored from its industrial condition to a much more natural state.”

— Chuck Hewett, Executive Director of the Roux Family Foundation and IDEALS




 rendering of campus bike path along the shoreline.

The Roux Campus will be a paradigm for 21st-century education with urban, sustainable, and resilient design. Near and long-term planning supports a vibrant campus environment with views and connections to the waterfront, a variety of public spaces, and site access through bike paths, walkways, and the public pier. Creation of a new campus provides the opportunity to establish a people-oriented space right from the start.

Key principles of the design approach include:

  • Optimized site potential for both campus needs and community benefits

  • Holistically built environment integrally connected to the waterfront, Portland and beyond

  • High performance design as a foundation for resilience

  • Gathering spaces that nurture social interaction and community connection

The Roux Campus will be developed in phases with the first phase targeted to include learning, research and collaboration spaces, lab and office space for collaborating partners, an entrepreneurial incubator, faculty and student housing, and a small campus hotel. Additional collaboration, commercial and retail spaces will be added as this multi-purpose development becomes fully realized.

One of the first changes visible to the public will be waterfront restoration, three acres of permanent open space and new connections to the Back Cove, Eastern Promenade and mid-town trails. Vehicles will be limited to portions of the perimeter of the Roux Campus in preference for open space with walking paths to preserve the restored beauty of the site. The pedestrian-friendly landscape will prioritize people over cars.


Climate & Resilience

Extending BENEFITS to East Deering

The Roux Campus will host a diverse community of students, faculty, residents, and employees, who can enjoy East Deering's local restaurants, stores, bars, and retail shops. IDEALS will work to ensure that the area becomes a vibrant and attractive extension of the East Deering neighborhood.

Waterfront restoration and public access will be an exciting neighborhood asset with new public spaces for all to enjoy.

illustrated rendering of roux campus walkway

Accessible Open Space

The Roux Campus will transform an industrial site into an ecologically diverse, urban waterfront setting. The Roux Campus will offer three acres of public open space consisting of waterfront, salt meadow and lawn.

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Connecting Paths & Trails

The Roux Campus waterfront will be open to the public with sidewalks and bike lanes to provide direct connection to the Back Cove, Eastern Promenade, and mid-town trails.

image of people paddleboarding

Waterfront Access

A public pier, water taxi, picnic spots and kayak & paddleboard rentals will welcome the public to enjoy this restored waterfront asset.

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